Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rude Awakening to interview Rowe

Knox County School Board candidate Jamie Rowe will be on the Rude Awakening Show tomorrow, starting at 8 a.m.

That’s 94.3 FM by the way.

Folks, this is the best, most objective local talk show around. These guys tell it like it is and don’t try to lure in guests by giving them the questions up front.

Further, there’s a reason people some people are afraid to come on their show: They know Mike and
Shyne aren’t going to mollycoddle them.

Anyhoo, tomorrow’s guest is Jamie Rowe. Check it out.

I should note that Tracie Sanger was given an opportunity to appear and she hasn’t returned their call. (I’m not sure about the third opponent Charlotte Dorsey.)

The winner of the Nov. 4 non-partisan election will replace Indya Kincannon who took off overseas to be with her family. The person will serve out the remaining two years of the term. (Technically, the person will replace John Fugate who is the interim but whatever.)

It should be noted that Indya is a big Sanger supporter. Not sure if that’s the kiss of death or what. Naw, wait, that would be a KNS endorsement. Ha, ha, ha. Heh. Kidding. Sort of. Not really. No, I am.

As always, send me your campaign stuff for publication consideration.

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