Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Six terminated from Knox criminal court clerk's office, four retired

Here’s a list of the employees new Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond let go, their title, start date, and salary:

  • Sonja Anderson, deputy clerk, June 2006, $33,200
  • Deborah Wilson, deputy clerk, February 2006, $32,400
  • Douglas Hagaman, deputy clerk, May 2009, $33,800
  • James DeFord, deputy clerk, May 1993, $46,000
  • Jessica Jeffrey, deputy clerk, November 2013, $34,100
  • Lisa Norton, deputy clerk, July 2013, $72,400

Hammond listed “restructuring of department” as reason for terminating them.

In addition, the following retired (includes title, start date and salary):
  • Joy McCroskey, criminal court clerk, June 1967, $129,200
  • Janice Norman, deputy clerk, October 1968, $110,000
  • Janice Short, deputy clerk, May 2001, $43,700
  • Judy Yardley, deputy clerk, May 2006, $39,400

As I recall, Norman, who was tight with McCroskey, announced her retirement back when Joy was handing out all that bonus money.

Anyhoo, Hammond said he’s hired six new folks, but the county’s HR department doesn’t have the paperwork yet.

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