Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smith cleans out commish account

R. Larry Smith
Well, this is kind of interesting. Knox County commissioners each year get around $5,000 in free money to spend how they wish in their district. (Some people call this grant dollars, others, slush funds.)

Anyhoo, they typically distribute it to school, organizations, etc.

The money is allocated in the budget, which doesn’t take effect until July 1.

That said, no everyone is going to have the coin.

According to Gerald Witt over at that other place we don’t talk about, R. Larry Smith spent all his folding paper, leaving his successor, Charles Busler, with a big fat goose egg.

Heh. Hahahahaha.

OK, it's not funny. Well, sort of.

And let me stress - Larry can do this. He was a commissioner when the money was set aside. 

The money also appears to have gone to some good causes. For example, Gerald reports that it went to schools, the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad and the Heiskell Community Organization.

(Keep in mind that this is all for the 7th District, which Busler now represents, so it’s not like his district doesn’t benefit.)

Other commissioners also spent a few bucks, but no one cleaned out the account.

You can read the story (provided you have one of those fancy paywall subscriptions) RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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