Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Guy skips work for 24 years; fired

I like to keep the ol' blog local, but this one cracked me up. And, well, I could see it happening here. You all know what I mean.

From USA Today:
A man who ditched work for 24 years has finally lost his job—apparently a sign that India is cracking down on government bureaucrats who avoid office time, Reuters reports.

AK Verma, a senior engineer at the Central Public Works Department, last showed up for work in December 1990.

The Hindu describes him as being "on furlough," but an inquiry ruled against him in 1992, and delays and inaction ensued for 22 more years until Verma eventually got fired.
Does this sound familiar? Sort of? Heh.

Read the rest of it RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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