Friday, January 16, 2015

Pension board election set for 2-12

The Knox County Retirement and Pension Board will hold an election for two of its employee representative seats.

These elections are confined only to county employees, so if you don’t work for the county, then you can’t vote.

Which really doesn’t matter, since most of you probably don’t vote anyway.


Anyhoo, the 9-member board is comprised of four county employees who represent different retirement plans (ie. school plan, sheriff's office plan); four county commissioners; and the county mayor, although the county’s finance director typically serves as his proxy.

Seat “A” currently held by Robin Moody, who serves as the board’s secretary and works in the school system’s benefits department, and Seat “B”, currently held by long-time member, Knox County Sheriff’s Office and current board chairman Rick Trott, are up.

According to a memo – click for it RIGHT SMACK HERE – potential candidates can obtain a qualifying petition from the retirement office.

The election is set for Feb. 12.

I’m not sure how much the election will cost, but probably not a whole lot. According to the election commission, the pension office folks will use their people to work Election Day, and they’ll use paper ballots to save costs.

(The election office will count ballots and provide locked ballot boxes.)

The last time the pension board held an election (It think it was a few years ago), a whopping 190 county employees voted in it.

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