Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Russ Oaks to serve as schools' CAO

I'm pretty busy this afternoon, so just going to paste the Knox County school system's release. (Sorry, no time for entertainment at the expense of others. Heh.)

To sum it up, Superintendent Jim McIntyre appointed Russ Oaks to serve as KCS chief operating officer. Oaks has been Slim Jim's chief of staff for awhile now.

In addition, Jim appointed Daphne Odom to serve as executive director of innovation and school improvement.

I've submitted a request for the salaries, because I know that's all most people care about anyway.

KCS also is seeking applications for the "vacant budgeted positions of Chief Accountability Officer and Director of Community Relations."

Here's the letter from Jim to the board of education:

Russ Oaks is appointed Chief Operating Officer

I have appointed Russ Oaks as Chief Operating Officer. This is a new position, but has been budgeted and unfilled for the past two fiscal years. This position will bring some much needed additional expertise and oversight to the operational areas of our school district, as this position will take over supervision of Enrollment, Transportation, Security, Nutrition Services, Information Technology, Maintenance, and Facilities. Mr. Oaks will report directly to the Superintendent, and will continue with his duties as Chief of Staff until a successor is appointed.

Mr. Oaks joined the Knox County Schools in 2001 as the communications supervisor. Prior to joining the Knox County Schools, he served for 20 years as an Armor Officer and Public Affairs Officer in the United States Army where he held many and varied leadership positions gaining broad experience in organizational leadership, operations, and management. Since 2009, he has served as the Chief of Staff for the Knox County Schools, where he has worked closely with all departments and all aspects of the school system.

Mr. Oaks hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Tennessee and is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Bob Thomas will remain in his role as Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, and will continue to oversee Finance, Payroll, and Human Resources. I have directed Mr. Thomas to concentrate his efforts on significantly improving systems and structures in the finance area, and to implement the comprehensive plan for fiscal process enhancement that he developed last month.

Daphne Odom is appointed Executive Director of ISI

I have appointed Dr. Daphne Odom as Director of Innovation and School Improvement. In this role, Dr. Odom will manage and support the district’s portfolio of innovative efforts, such as facilitating
magnet school programs, specialized career and STEM programming, supporting improvement in our Priority Schools, as well as coordinating our Charter School relationships. Dr. Odom is currently
serving as the co-principal of Beaumont Magnet School, and will transition to this existing, budgeted position in the coming months.

Dr. Odom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education, an Education Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership and Policy all conferred by the University of Tennessee.

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KCSHATER said...

What a big surprise that the favorites get the big promotions with ridiculous salaries while doing absolutely nothing to improve student achievement- nepotism is alive and well in Knox County. If you are not in the good old boys club - QUIT KCS or you will be terminated or demoted because you don't brown-nose enough. KCS is the worst school district in the nation! Get rid of McIntyre and his flunkies and teacher recidivism might decrease! Just another waste of taxpayers dollars to pay people to do nothing except sit around in a corner office doing nothing and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars! Way to go KCS!