Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another Knox Co. worker sues PBA

I'm seriously surprised that there haven't been more of these. Heh.

Another Knox County worker in the Old Courthouse downtown has sued the Public Building Authority, alleging mold in the building is causing health problems.

Deborah Scribner, an appraiser who works for the Property Assessor's Office, seeks in Knox County Circuit Court a to-be-determined amount of money, wants PBA to be required to fix a potential mold problem or move her to another county-owned building, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Court records state Scribner has worked in the Old Courthouse for two years and "at some point . . . began to experience unexplained breathing problems, fatigue and severe headaches."

Scribner has worked in the building's basement, according to the lawsuit.

Her lawsuit is similar to one filed in February by Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett Jr. The two are using the same attorney, Darren Berg, to represent them.

LAWSUIT: County employees allege mold problem in Old Courthouse

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