Monday, April 6, 2015

Teacher bonuses reinstated in proposed school budget - with a catch

In a letter to school board members, Superintendent Jim McIntyre says he now wants to give teachers raises and the bonuses (APEX payouts) they were initially promised.

You can read the letter RIGHT SMACK HERE.

There's a couple of catches. Of course.

You see, the superintendent can propose raises, bonuses, incentives, whatever, all he wants, but he's asking for money that goes above and beyond the revenues allocated annually to the school system through taxes, fees, whatever. (In other words, he needs more money that he's got.)

That means, putting the ball in the Mayor's Office and County Commission's court, and letting them take the heat if they don't want to give teachers raises.

Every year, there's one big item that gets the attention of local government around budget time. There was keeping teachers, the Beck Cultural Center, Carter Elementary, the 35 cent tax increase, etc.

I'm thinking the focus this year will be on those raises.

For an interesting perspective, check out this piece by Sandra Clark. RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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