Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BOE members raise concerns about balanced school calendar survey

And . . .  here we go again. If people would quit screwing around there would be a whole lot more trust going on.

Instead, we get a monkey survey. Or whatever. And not even a complete one at that.

Folks, if you want your voice heard regarding the balanced school calendar, contact your school board member and don't participate in a rigged survey. Yeah, it's rigged. You can vote more than once. And plenty of people have.

On with the story:
A newly released Knox County Schools survey that seeks public input about a proposed balanced calendar has come under fire from a school board member.

They say the survey - RIGHT SMACK HERE - can be easily manipulated and taken over and over again by the same person.

In addition, they say, residents from outside the county, whose children don't attend the school system, can also take the survey.

Further, officials say the questionnaire fails to include a key option that board members championed this year: a longer fall break.

"It might have been beneficial if they sent a draft to the board members as well and asked for our input, recommendations, or any changes that the board may have wanted to see made before they sent it out across the county," said Board of Education member Patti Bounds.

School administrators didn't see a reason to put the other option on there.

"From my perspective that was never intended to be included in this survey as we are really trying to gauge interest in a balanced calendar model versus the traditional calendar," said Assistant Superintendent Elizabeth Alves. "Having said that, the school board could always consider having a full week of fall break using our traditional calendar."
Rest of the story RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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