Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Knox County 2018 election rumors

Republican State Executive Committee member Ted Hatfield released his latest list of rumors and confirmations for the 2018 Knox County elections. (All are Republican.) I've included my brief thoughts as well.

Knox County Mayor
  • Bob Thomas  - Current Commissioner-at-large
  • Buddy Burkhardt  -  Knox County GOP chairman
  • Brad Anders -  Knox County commissioner -  not yet confirmed
My thoughts:  Brad is pretty much a given. Also, Glen Jacobs, who wrestles for the WWE as Kane, also is rumored.

Knox County Circuit Court Clerk
  • Tim Wheeler -  former deputy clerk
  • Scott Smith -  SEC Member -  Insurance Executive
  • Don Ridings -  Accounting Executive
  • Charles Susano  -  Knox County trustee staff
My thoughts: Incumbent Cathy Shanks has said she is not seeking re-election. There have been rumors that Randy Kenner, who practically runs the place now, has been approached about the gig.

Knox County Clerk
  • Sherry Witt -  current Register of Deeds
My thoughts: Incumbent Foster Arnett Jr is term-limited. Witt is pretty much a given to run for the post and win. She'd do a good job as clerk.

Knox County Register of Deeds
  • Nick McBride  -  current Deputy Register of Deeds   -  not officially announced
My thoughts: This, too, is pretty much a given. Nick has spent a career in the office and could step in and run it right now if needed. 

Knox County Commissioner at-large seats (there are two)
  • R. Larry Smith -  former Commissioner
  • Justin Biggs -  Knox County Trustee's Office staff
  • Larsen Jay -  Active Community Charities/ Organizations/  Entertainment Executive
  • Ivan Harmon -  former City/ County executive
My thoughts: Incumbents Bob Thomas (who is running for county mayor) and Ed Brantley are not seeking re-election. It will be interesting to see whether voters want a couple of former commissioners to come back. Expect Larsen Jay to be a formidable opponent for anyone. 

Knox County Sheriff
  • Lee Tramel  -  current KCSO deputy chief
  • Tom Spangler  -  former KCSO deputy chief
My thoughts: Incumbent Jimmy "J.J." Jones is term-limited. If not, he'd probably win again. Lee knows that office as well as anyone and will make a smooth transition if he wins (which is expected).

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