Thursday, March 24, 2011

Election Commission makeover

Sentinel journalist Tom Humphrey, the most kick-ass state reporter in Tennessee, broke the news today that county election commissioner Paul Crilly is out and Rob McNutt is in.

(By the way I don't believe Rob is related to Scott McNutt, the most smart-ass reporter in Tennessee.)

The move could mean the end for county Election Administrator Greg Mackay, a Democrat living in a Republican world. Or at least hanging out in and near a Republican courthouse, which many here consider the world.

Then again, maybe not.

Tom's story is here.

He essentially says the Republican legislators ousted Crilly who voted with the two Democrats on the commission a few years back to retain Mackay.

Today's vote was done via a spineless ballot. I mean, sorry, my bad. It was done via a secret ballot. And the vote totals were not announced, according to Rep. Ryan Haynes, chairman of the county Legislative delegation.

Knox County Election Commission Chairman Chris "Hag" Heagerty (long-time childhood trouble-making friend of county Mayor Tim Burchett) and Bob Bowman were both given new terms by the vote.

The two Democrats - whoever they are - also were reappointed awhile back.

As I've mentioned before, I don't have a dog in this fight. But it's pretty spineless to get rid of the one person who actually had a backbone (Crilly), and then decline to say how you voted. I hear the chickens clucking in the background.

You see, whether you agree with Crilly's stance or with Mackay's politics, the now-former commissioner at least showed that he couldn't be swayed by party politics. He voted for a person (Mackay), rather than just a party. He actually thought for himself.

I know. It's unheard of.

And no, I'm not trying to disparage Hag or Bowman. They might have made the right decision when they voted to oust Mackay.

I'm just saying.

You know, whatever.

I'm just glad there's something else to post today other than the fee office mess.

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