Monday, March 14, 2011

No hotline for Ethics Committee

It doesn't appear that the county's Ethics Committee will start up a tattletale hotline like its counterpart, the Audit Committee, did recently.

Mostly because the “ethics” folks don't want to deal with anonymity.

(You don't have to leave your name when you call the audit people.)

The Ethics Committee only looks into complaints that are notarized, which is kind of a pain in the ass to do, but they don't want to waste time chasing ghosts. They don't want to hear so-called baseless accusations. They want you to pay the freight.

And that's means giving your name.

That said, they also acknowledge that coming forward publicly most likely hurts the system overall.

Still, don't expect it to change.

On the other hand, officials on the nine-member board said during a meeting last week that they probably will reorganize to an all-residents panel. They hope that will keep the politics off the board.

Of course, I think the current members forgot that politicians will still make the panel's appointments.

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