Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vote for the 'Best of the Best'

The Metro Pulse is doing its "Best of Knoxville" contest again this year.

Click here for a ballot, or go pick a paper. The things are free, you know. And make for great gift-wrappings.

Anyhoo, it features six sections and lots and lots of categories. (You apparently have to fill out at least 25 for your ballot to count, and any ballot-stuffing goes into the "Extra Scrutiny Pile.")

I'm working my way through it right now.

Here's mine* (the ones in italics):

Best of the Best

Knoxvillian: (you must vote for someone besides previous winners Bill Haslam, Bruce Pearl, or Pat Summitt): Wait, Bruce Pearl won this????

Store: Walmart.

Restaurant: Calhoun's. Best ribs in America. Just ask Mike Chase. He'll tell you that over and over and over and over again.

Bar: Yeah, I wouldn't know.

Band: Tim Burchett and the Balanced Budgets.

Knoxville Life

Best Thing Knoxville needs: A $48 million weight room and a $200 million Neyland Stadium facelift during fiscally tight times. Oh wait, we got that.

Best Local Attraction: Bruce Pearl's wife's Facebook page.

Best Place to Meet New Friends: On the county's audit hotline.

Best Place to Take Your Kids for Free: To school.

Best Reality TV Show Contestant from Knoxville: I don't know. Who was the biggest disaster?

Best Way to Get Tim Burchett to Attend Your Meeting: Hold it at Wright's Cafeteria.

* I did have some input from others. Anything upsetting? That was them. Not me.

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