Friday, May 6, 2011

Carter proposal is not off track

I was hoping I wouldn't have to address this, but oh well. I'll still make happy hour.

Anyhoo, county law director Joe Jarret sent out an email this morning:

"As you are aware, the above Bill (State Senate Bill 1916-New School Constructions) as introduced, was designed to authorize local boards of education to enter into capital leases and build-to-suit capital leases of real or personal property for the use, construction, repair or renovation of school buildings and facilities. This is the Bill that Mayor Burchett had vetted to the Board of Education. Please be advised that Senator Dolores R. Gresham deferred the Bill to the first calendar for 2012, to wit, the second week of January, 2012. As such, it will not make it to the floor for a vote this legislative session."

I got it sometime around 10 a.m. I talked to him about the ramifications on the mayor's plans to build a new Carter Elementary. Initially, he felt it could kill the deal. I reminded him that awhile back – when the state Legislative angle was first broached – that the county supposedly found a way around it by using the Industrial Development Board as a middleman.

He said he'd look into it. He did. A few hours later, he called to tell me that yes, in fact, this will have NO ramifications on Carter.

The Bill was – is, whatever – a backup proposal. Nothing more.


Anonymous said...

for somebody with that much education, jarret is one ignorant mofo

Billy Kidd said...

Yo Mike, how did you miss this?

Somebody tries to burn down a Commissioner's house and it is ruled arson. How was that not on the front page?

Mike Donila said...

Billy, truth be told, I did not know about it (until this morning) or myself - or a police reporter - would have looked into it. I believe we do have a reporter working on it for tomorrow.