Friday, May 6, 2011

'Unprecedented' press release

Oh, ho ho. Ha, ha, har. The latest from the good spinster Michael Grider, the county's communication manager, who manages no one. Heh.

Knoxville, Tenn. — In a move that is unprecedented in Knox County, Mayor Tim Burchett met with taxpayers in all nine Knox County Commission districts this week to discuss his FY 2011-2012 general budget proposal, which he presented to Commission Monday morning. The public budget meetings began Monday and will continue through the month of May.

Unprecedented????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, I like Grider. I do. Seriously. But this stuff kills me. I'm going to call the History Channel and get someone from TV down here to cover this groundbreaking moment. It's got to be on one of those "100 greatest discoveries" lists.




cari g said...

Had pretty much exactly the same reaction.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, nobody's reporting Joe Jarret's email this morning. Hint: It's news, dude.

Mike Donila said...

Hint: it's not news. I've already looked into it. And it doesn't change anything. The county is using the IDB - as was reported - as a way to get around going through the state Legislature. Jarret also agreed. It's only significant if the county wasn't using the IDB

Mike Donila said...

I suppose.

Brian Paone said...

You don't understand, Mike. YOU'RE not allowed to be a dick. Only other people can be a dick to you. You're not permitted to respond in kind, despite the fact that said anonytard obviously wants that kind of treatment (as evidenced by he/she showing you the same right off the bat).

Don't you know the damned rules?

So when are you going to start posting IP addresses? I want to start finding out who these anonytards are. Curiosity and all that noise.