Monday, May 2, 2011

Proposed fiscal budget remarks

The county just sent over some information about Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's proposed budget. Here's the story I just posted a little while ago.

Here's the county's spin, written by communications manager Michael Grider, although I'm sure the chief of staff, Dean Rice, was somehow involved. Heh.

Right here is a copy of the mayor's speech that he delivered to the county commission today. (Note: Commissioners Amy Broyles and Tony Norman were not there.)The mayor swears he wrote this himself. I don't know, though. It's absent a lot of his humor. But then again, laying off people isn't exactly a funny thing, either.

And, if you're really bored and you want to go to another budget presentation, the mayor will be meeting all week with the public. Here's the schedule.

Have fun.

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