Thursday, May 5, 2011

More silly spin from Mark Padgett

The only thing I ever really knew about Cinco de Mayo is that it was always a good excuse to get drunk.

But, for Knoxville mayoral candidate Mark Padgett, it's a good excuse for you to give him $500 in coin.

Or is $5?

Whatever. (Is he going to ask for another $5, or $500, on July 4, too?)

I just got another one of his silly “news” releases. It includes a no-doubt sappy Mother's Day message from the aspiring politico (haven't watched it because my work computer sucks), as well as a bold headline that reads: “Love Cinco de Mayo? Help us Raise $500 Today!

Right below that it says:

“Since it's Cinco de Mayo, we're asking you to help us TODAY by taking five seconds to donate $5 to our campaign.

Seriously? What the hell?

I got $5 that says he doesn't even know what the $*%$ Cinco de Mayo really is.

In the meantime, this whole message makes me want to keep my fiver (of $500) and go get drunk.


Anonymous said...

I watched the video so you don't have too. Was it sappy? Did his tee vee commercial last winter set your teeth on edge?

Mike Donila said...

Ha, ha, ha. Thanks for letting me know. I was going to watch it when I got home. Won't have to now.

Anonymous said...

Padget is a child who has traded on his father's contacts. Not ready for prime time at all.

Brian Paone said...

All of our current candidates for mayor of Knoxville are sorely lacking. Bell Cow Maddy's quick to hop into bed with the Special Interest du Jour (TYP 1.0, News Sentinel's position RE: foreclosure reform), Padgett's nowhere near the statesman his father and grandfather were, and Harmon... well, Ivan, I WANT to vote for you, but you don't seem to have the first damned clue what you'd do with the office if given to you.

(Not to mention that whole Black Wednesday thing.)

So. What about this Eddie Mannis guy? So long as he runs and doesn't have any of the aforementioned issues, he might be the best of the field by default.