Thursday, May 26, 2011

Internal auditor is staying for now

The Knox County internal audit department – a $260,000 a year operation – isn't going anywhere for awhile.

Audit Committee officials initially had kicked around the idea of looking into whether they could outsource the office. But, earlier today Law Director Joe Jarret told them that the county commission would have to amend the code to even get permission to take bids for the department.

Now, it appears that the commission during its June 6 meeting will talk further. To go ahead with the proposal, they'll need to enact an ordinance, which requires two public readings. (That's two more months.) Then craft a request for proposals. (Another few weeks.) Then bid it. (Another month). Then study the vendors (if any apply). Then form another committee. (Kidding. But they do like their committees.)

In other words, we're probably six months away from learning that it will probably be cheaper just to keep internal auditor Richard Walls and his staff. That's local government.

Still, it's worth a look anyway.


Ivan Rogero said...

Mike, that could be a story for the paper. Joe Carcello keeps trying to step around the Charter. This isn't his first step off the trail.

The last thing this county needs is to give Joe Carcello more power. Also, Walls just did a great job documenting NRR.

Brian Paone said...

I wonder what Joe Carcello did to honk off Mike Mitchell so badly?