Friday, May 27, 2011

Some pension office 'boredom' news

Sat in the county's retirement and pension board meeting Monday. The big story that came out of it obviously was the board's move to shoot down a request from four civilian employees to join the upgraded pension plan for deputies.

I'm not going to recap it. (It's old by now.) And for the most part, the rest of this post is probably going to bore you, but I figured I'd get it on record anyway.(And I got nothing right now. Heh.)

Apparently pension board Executive Director Kim Bennett is looking to move her staff out of the Deathstar. (Can you blame her?). She's been looking around for some space which I believe will be in the downtown area, but I was dozing for part of the meeting, so I'm not positive. (Pension board Chairman Rick Trott suggested that she seeks space where retirees already go for services, which makes sense.)

Anyhoo, the move could save between $27,000 to $40,000 a year. Right now, the office spends almost $139,000, which includes overhead, spaces, maintenance and phones. Low estimates, according to some numbers Bennett passed out Monday would cost the office around $98,800. The predicted high is about $112,000.

The office currently operates in about 2,100-square feet and are looking for a little more, using 3,000-square feet as the baseline. (Yeah, I told you this stuff wasn't exactly thrilling.) The board, though, would probably still hold meetings at the Deathstar.

If the office moves, the city will get a first look at the open space.

Just figured I'd bore you today.


Brian Paone said...

Good voice recorder + CTV = more time to do other things at Commission meetings.

(Civilization IV was a great game to play during those meetings.)

Anonymous said...

Why is PBA charging so much for rent ("space costs") and telephone service that our government has to move to save $?