Thursday, January 19, 2012

Commish Smith and the Duncans. Heh.

Commissioner Arrghhhhh Larry Smith must have heard about my blog post regarding our brief discussion about whether the good Congressman called him, regarding the good Trustee.

(I know Channel 6 did. They turned it into an entire story the other night. Heh.)

Here's the initial post right smack here. In it, I make note that it appeared that Rrrrr. Larry was ducking me. He called me a few hours after I posted the blog and he told me what U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. said to him. I wrote it down, then forgot to blog it cause all heck broke loose in the Trustee's Office.

Sooooo, here's what we talked about late Wednesday morning:

Smith: “They called me to his office and he told me to stay away from his son and that he had done nothing wrong?”

Me: “Who told you?”

Smith: “The Congressman, Jimmy Duncan.”

Me: “Why?”

Smith: “I don't know, but I was in there for about 15 minutes and he said it three different times: Stay away from my son. So, I'm thinking in the back of my mind: Does that mean I don't have to pay taxes anymore?”

Me: “Hahahahahahahaha. Good one. Good one.”

Smith: “He also said I'm the one who leaked it (the story about Trustee John Duncan III offering to pay back bonuses he and his staff collected tied to coursework they didn't complete). I didn't leak it to the press. You called me.”

Me: “Yeah, that's true, they've been throwing out names to who leaked what, trying to figure out what sticks. Not sure what difference it makes. They must not support the whistle blower law or something.”

Smith: “Well, I'm wondering why they're mad at me. I'm trying to help his son. He (the good Congressman) couldn't relate to that. It wouldn't sink in.”

On Thursday (that's today), the good Commissioner called me to add one more thing: “(The good Congressman) told me three different times that I should stay away. Another time he phrased it by saying it would be a personal favor (if he stayed away).”

Now, from what I understand, the Congressman has called all of this hogwash.

I'm sure there's a little truth on both sides.


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