Friday, January 20, 2012

More on TBI, Trustee's Office and tests

For more on the continuing meltdown in the Knox County Trustee's Office click right smack here.

And no, I am not enjoying this despite what anyone thinks. It does not please me to have to write stories that the county's tax collector (the person who is supposed to deposit a billion in coin each year so we actually have a county) is now under investigation by the TBI.

Huh? What's that you say? The TBI?

Yeah, read between the lines in today's story – again, click right smack here.

The law director's office can't do it (since it's criminal in nature), the sheriff's office won't do it (because they don't want people screaming “conflict of interest”) and the district attorney general won't do it (because they're tired of Trustee John Duncan III and his office attorney Chad Tindell coming to their office nine times a day begging them to drop it).

So, where does that leave us? Yup. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

It's funny, how early yesterday, they hadn't been contacted by the local peeps. Yet later in the day – when I got it on background and able to use for the Screams from da Porch blog – I start hearing that they've been contacted, it's then that the spokesperson freezes up and says “no comment.”

I don't think I need to tell you what “no comment” means.

OK, with that said, a buddy of mine was lamenting for Zach Brezina today. Brezina is the guy who works in the Trustee's Office and is accused of taking tests for some of the employees.

My question for him is whether he's been taking tests for the trustee all his life? Did he take his SAT test for him, too? Heh.

Anyhoo, my buddy is like: "I feel bad for that guy."

And I'm thinking: "Why? He's the freakin' hero of this story?"

My buddy: "Huh?"

Me: "Yeah, he's obviously the only one smart enough to pass a test in that office."

With that said, Brezina this morning stroked a check to the county for $6,000, reimbursing tax payers for his interest free loan – I mean bonus – the Trustee's Office gave him.

And speaking of that. Funny how all of a sudden everyone is cutting checks so quickly. I'm guessing that the money is coming from the trustee's campaign money. It more than likely would not be illegal.

But it would show the absurdity of how politicians use campaign coin.

At this point, though, I think we've moved beyond absurdity.


rachel craig said...

Just another day in Knox County.

Dan Andrews said...

The only "hero" so far is Commissioner R. Larry Smith. When push came to shove he didn't budge. He didn't hide, he didn't cower. He stood his ground and remained "Untouchable" like the "Untouchable Elliot Ness" He is the "hero."

Mike you also are the hero...for years we have heard "why isn't KNS doing something about __________" Fill in the blank with any # of scandals... Now we have someone digging everywhere!

Last but not least Hana Kim is a hero. She appears to be the only smart enough reporter on tv to read this blog and get out in the field and get Larry to comment (others a day later followed up after it went front page).

Brian Paone said...

"At this point, though, I think we've moved beyond absurdity."

That happened long before you got here, Donila.

Brian Paone said...

Oh, and tell Dan to stop throwing around the word "hero" so lightly. Combat medics are heroes. Firefighters are heroes. Reporters are otherwise unskilled dregs that, for some reason, get paid to write.

Great gig if you can get it, though. Pretty easy stuff. At least compared to what real heroes do. ;-)

Saul Young said...

I wonder if there are ethics questions on the CTAS test.

Mike Donila said...

One of the CTAS courses is actually an ethics course. I kid you not.

Dan Andrews said...

@Brian Really? You are so wrong. Look at how many brave bloggers and journalists in Mexico have died trying to expose the political corruption of the drug war. It is incredible the risk and stress many true journalists face. They have no badge to protect them no backup units. Look at what Mike is doing right now. He is exposing the ALLEGED possible corrupt actions of people. When you do things that effect people's jobs you place yourself in huge risks

Brian Hornback said...

But that is what an investigative reporter is paid to do. Not necessarily heroic activity. So I have to agree with Paone and I suspect Donila would agree as well

Dan Andrews said...

Thanks Drew, for proving my point!

Mike Donila said...

I suppose anyone can be a hero or do heroic things given the timing and the circumstances. And while I appreciate any compliments thrown my way, I would never call myself a hero because I'm just doing a job that I get paid to do.