Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some haven't filed campaign forms

UPDATE: I've slightly tweaked this blog since it was posted yesterday.

Apparently in all the confusion a few elected officials forgot to file their campaign financial disclosure statements that were due today. Yes, due at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 31, 2012. And yes, I was kidding about the confusion thing. Whatever.

Here's the apparent list of slackers:
  • County Clerk Foster Arnett
  • County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond
  • County Commissioner Vice Chairman Brad Anders
  • County Commissioner Amy Broyles
Note, that I said the “apparent list.” That's because officials also had the chance to mail in their forms. So, if one arrives at the Election Commission and it's certified and postmarked by Jan. 31, then it's still considered timely, according to head election honcho Cliff Rodgers.

County Trustee John Duncan III sent me a note, letting me know that he mailed his in.

Still, it really doesn't matter that some folks were late. All it does is create fodder for political opponents and Screams from da Porch.

The rest of the world, including the state lawmakers who could actually implement strict punishments, doesn't care.

Anyhoo, these latest disclosures cover July 1, 2011 through Jan. 15.

Here's a list of other top county officials and how much cash they have on hand:

(If you want more – like school people, judges, whoever, then click right smack here and start searching.)
  • County Mayor Tim Burchett: $12,587
  • Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones: $10,457
  • Register of Deeds Sherry Witt: $6,838
  • Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey: $8,724
  • Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist: $4,451
  • Property Assessor Phil Ballard: $53,693
  • Law Director Joe Jarret: $9,855
  • County Commissioner Dave Wright: $1,065
  • County Commissioner R. Larry Smith: $7,223
  • County Commissioner Jeff Ownby: $91.69 (big spender)
  • County Commissioner Ed Shouse: $6,206
  • County Commissioner Tony Norman: $2,149
On a side note, here's some county race candidates:
  • Property Assessor John Whitehead: $27,104
  • Law Director: Richard “Bud” Armstrong: $16,879

On an additional side note, the following elected officials didn't file Tuesday, but didn't have to because they have closed their campaign accounts:

  • County Commissioner Sam McKenzie
  • County Commissioner Mike Brown
  • County Commissioner (and good doctor) Richard Briggs


jeff_ownby said...

sorry I don't waste money, even money donated to me. Lol

Mike Donila said...

you got about a one month phone bill's worth of money left in your account

jeff_ownby said...

I didn't know I could pay my phone bill with this money?

jeff_ownby said...

Anyone that wants to donate can, I would gladly except it. Lol

Mike Donila said...

Actually I'm pretty sure you can use campaign money to pay for a cell phone if it's used in you capacity as a commissioner

Dan Andrews said...

Jeff next time we go to Bistro lunch is on me...oh wait, Nevermind :)