Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Election commission recruiting right now

The Knox County Election Commission is recruiting people to help with the March 6 Presidential Preference and County Primary elections.

In a note by Cliff Rodgers, the administrator of voting says “it takes hundreds of folks to run an election in nearly one-hundred polling places across Knox County. Election officials are paid - both for working on Election Day and for training classes.”

Not everyone, however, can apply.

You have to be registered to vote in the county; able to life 50 pounds and be able to understand and follow written instructions (that immediately rules me out) and willing to work 14 hours on election day and attend training classes before each election.

Also, government employees – other than school teachers and “employees of higher education” (whatever that means) - can't serve.

The commission plans to host five orientation session for new election officials in the coming weeks.

To sign up, click right smack here.

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