Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mayor Burchett to meet with 'job creators'

Tomorrow afternoon, a number of “job creators” and county Mayor Tim Burchett will hold a round table discussion to determine how the county can help businesses create new jobs.

That's all according to some release that wasn't sent to me by county spinster Michael “Big Sexy” Grider.

Funny stuff. Cause – other than hooking up a few pals here and there (kidding. Sort of.) - Burchett has long said that the “role of county government isn't to create job.”

In all seriousness, a number of businesses plan to meet with the mayor at the Knoxville Chamber's Market Square office from noon to 1:30 p.m. Tomorrow. There's not a whole lot more to the release.

The mayor again stressed that “our job is on infrastructure – sewers, sidewalks and roads” - so he doesn't expect Knox County government to post many “Help Wanted” signs on the Deathstar windows.

He added: “A lot of times government just gets in the way of building jobs. But, I want to make sure that whatever we're doing and the decisions we make are not putting (businesses and potential jobs) in peril. We just need to get out of their way and facilitate a business friendly environment.”


rachel craig said...

How much you wanta bet one thing they'll discuss is how to kill Hillside/Ridgetop when Commission votes on the final version later this month?

Brian Hornback said...

Maybe so, but then again that would be fair since the discussion at the Time Warp Tea Room will be about stripping out the Briggs amendment

jeff_ownby said...

I hope whatever they discuss that they come out knowing and understanding that Government doesn't create jobs, but can surely kill jobs by government regulations.

GEMackay said...

Someone should tell the people who work for TVA and UT that "government doesn't create jobs".
Oh, don't forget the folks at the lab in Oak Ridge.