Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome back; it's cold; Knox newsletter

Mornin' ladies and germs. I'm back. New year. All that.

I took some time off, got a little electric shock treatment; I should be better. Not really.

Anyhoo, I was cleaning out my emails, so I figure I'll share a little bit of info with you.

First, the weather sucks today. Freakin' cold. Michael "Big Sexy" Grider sent out a notification that the county's highway maintenance crews are working to treat some secondary roads in the Halls and Carter communities with salt and bring. Hmmm. Tasty.

No Knox County-owned roads are closed at this point and "all trouble spots are expected to be treated by noon," Big Sexy says.

BS also recently started a newsletter for county employees. No, it doesn't cost anything other than Grider's time and we know that ain't worth a whole lot. Heh. Kidding.

Here's the most recent newsletter right smack here.

OK, I've got some more stuff, but I better get back to doing some real work.

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