Monday, January 30, 2012

Hubert Smith talks Stacey incident

So, this whole Stacey Campfield thing has really taken off, huh? (Click right smack here for an earlier post on the incident.)

Heh. Funny stuff. 

Anyhoo as you may or may not know, the good state senator was a guest on Hubert Smith’s talk show before he headed over to the Bistro for what wasn’t lunch. Hubert along with local comedian Spanky Brown and Dan “The Man” Andrews went with him.
Here’s part of Hubert’s take on what happened:
Brown and I rode together for the five minute ride and park. Andrews and Campfield drove separately. We all met at the entrance of The Bistro. Campfield and Andrews went inside to get a table and I waited outside and talked with Spanky while he finished his cigarette.
It took two minutes or less for Spanky to finish his smoke and we walked in to join the others. When we walked through the door the exchange between Campfield and the owner of The Bistro, Martha Boggs was in progress. I didn’t hear it all obviously, but less than 30 seconds later I knew brunch wasn’t going to happen here, and Spanky and I turned around and walked out. We waited outside for Dan Andrews and Stacey. Stacey didn’t need me to defend him and there was nothing I could say to Martha to change her opinions either.
An owner of a business has the right to serve whomever they please and far be it from me to tell them otherwise, but Campfield was there on my invitation as an extension from being a guest on my radio show and to support a sponsor. I regret the whole ordeal. Considering the online buzz this has generated seemingly around the world, I felt compelled to offer this background information to those concerned and interested.
To read his entire post, click right smack here.


Brian Paone said...

Whoa, Hubie's defending this jackass? Really? It's hard to tell, but one thing's for certain - he's certainly not calling the Red-Headed Stepchild out.

Hubert, it's time to decide if you really ARE a champion of civil rights (remember your big to-do celebrating such in early '08? I do.) or if you're just another radio "personality" who flip-flops whenever the political winds shift.

No, really, who are you? Hubert Smith, defender of civil rights, or Hubert Smith, world-class sycophant?

Guess anyone who tunes into your show on Sunday (remember that time you had a call-in contest with an easy question and absolutely no one called in? Do you have listeners now?) will find out.

Brian Paone said...

Oh, and Dan? I hope you get better treatment and more respect working with Hubert than I did, but odds are you're not charging him anything so you probably are.

A word of advice, though: Don't go anywhere near building the guy a website. Just stick with the pics.

Christy said...
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Amy said...

Stacey has the nerve to say and do what the rest of us are thinking and wishing a lot of times!! Funny how those who Support teachings, if not thrusting it down our throats of homosexuality, transgender, and other such more 'modern,' politically correct options get by without any major attention, scathing, harrament, or threats given! And let's not forget the tolerance of every religion except the ones that involve the Founding of our country!

Amy said...

harrassment not 'harrament'

Brian Paone said...

"Amy", I sincerely hope that general society would have more common sense than to still be under the impression - as RHS seems to be, even in the face of contrary, actual fact - that the AIDS epidemic was brought about because someone banged a monkey.

So, no. I sincerely doubt RHS is saying and doing what the rest of us are thinking and wishing. (Except maybe for parking on the sidewalk. That seems like it would be fun to do at least once.)

Amy said...

haha, True Brian -- would be fun..
And yes I agree with you, and I did say that Stacey has the nerve... A Lot of the times,' not All the times.

Brian Paone said...

That pansy Hubert blocked me from posting on his Facebook page and completely removed posts after trying (rather weakly) to refute some of the points made.

The Self-Proclaimed Civil Rights Activist never addressed the question of whether he thought The Red-Headed Stepchild's commentary set back the civil rights efforts of the GLBT community or not. And I never expect him to. Why?

The same reason he never gets elected to office - Hubert Smith is a duplicitous, self-absorbed, hypocritical sycophant that cares FAR more about personal attention than he ever cared about bringing important information to the general public and discussing it.

Prove me wrong, Hube. Prove me wrong.