Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mayor sharpening 2013 budget pencil

Fresh off electric shock treatment and because he has absolutely nothing to do, county spin-kid Michael “Big Sexy” Grider just let me know that the “FY 2013 budget season (is) officially underway.”

According to BS and the spin release, county Mayor Tim Burchett:
“ . . . kicked-off the formal budget season during a meeting with departments’ budget staff Tuesday. 'We have done a lot of good work for the citizens of Knox County in the past year-and-a-half, putting together a fiscally responsible budget last year, increasing transparency in government and ensuring that services are provided efficiently and at a savings to taxpayers,' Mayor Burchett said. 'But our work is not finished. Now we must stay the course and continue to find the savings and efficiencies that our citizens expect.'”
When reached for comment, the mayor said it's “just another release that you can put on your blog and make fun of us.”

OK, fair deal.

(In their defense, it will be a tough budget season and I imagine Mayor Cheapskate will upset quite a few people. And while Grider probably has nothing to do, it could be worse. The city has three Griders with nothing to do. Heh.)

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