Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Closer look at current candidates' finances

Here's a closer look at the campaign financial disclosure statements that cover July 1, 2010 to Jan. 15 for the three county races. (Well, two races, since Judge Steven Sword doesn't have an opponent.)

Note, that I just took a quick glance at these and I encourage you to do your own research by clicking right smack here for the complete reports. These quick hits, focus mostly on how much the candidates raised and whether other former or current elected folks chipped in. I also didn't include school board candidates because . . . well, we have a school reporter. Call her up and bug her for the information. Heh.

Presumably, whoever wins the March 6 Republican primary, wins the whole deal, barring a write-in candidate pulling off a miracle.

Soooooo, here ya go:

Criminal Court Judge Steven Sword: The good judge doesn't have any competition, but it didn't stop him from pulling in more than $18,000 during the six month reporting period. He also spent about $2,200 on T-shirts, printing, postage and a website. As expected, he received a a lot of support from local attorneys. In addition, current and former elected officials Foster Arnett (county clerk); Richard “Bud” Armstrong (county commission) and Marilyn Roddy (city council) each threw a couple hundred bucks his way.
Balance on hand: $16,062.01

Law Director Joe Jarret: Jarret might not be from around here, but he's getting plenty of support so far, collecting more than $13,700 during the filing period. He's also spent almost $4,000 during that same time period on advertising, a website, printing, postage and fees charged by Pay Pal (which is a crappy company that I hope one days goes out of business because it sucks, but I digress.) A great deal of Jarret's contributions come from the the legal field, including a few folks from the district attorney general, Knoxville office, but he's also received some support from insurance agents, professors, a fire inspector, a nurse and some people from his old stomping grounds in Florida, including a few Polk County commissioners. Elected officials Foster Arnett (county clerk) and Richard Briggs (county commissioner) also kicked in a few coins.
Balance on hand: $9,855.42
Total loans outstanding: $1,1452.84

Law Director candidate Richard “Bud” Armstrong: the former county commissioner is from around here, and he's starting to amass quite a pot of paper. During the filing period, Armstrong raised almost $30,000 and spent more than $13,300 on printing, advertisements, a golf tournament (hey, I didn't get invited to this!) and his Crown Plaza kick off fund raiser. Like Jarret, Armstrong's supporters aren't pigeon holed to just attorneys. They also include folks from the schools, real estate, banks and an auto parts business. Former county Mayor Mike Ragsdale and his chief of staff and former county Commissioner Mike Arms also kicked in, as did former Law Director Richard Beeler. Additionally, county Commissioner Jeff Ownby, school board member Mike McMillian, state Rep. Frank Nicely, former Commissioner Jack Huddleston, state Rep. Harry Brooks chipped in, as did former Commissioner Diane Jordan and the Committee to Elect Ivan Harmon, and the Committee to Elect Steve Hall.
Balance on hand: $16,879.95
Total loans outstanding (transfer from county commission campaign): $17.829.03

Property Assessor Phil Ballard: The former county commissioner and incumbent assessor raised $23,100 this filing period and spent more than $24,700 on advertisements and donations to a number of organizations including the Boys and Girls Club and the Alzheimer's Association. He got a little bit of coin from the Craig Leuthold campaign, as well as some scratch from bankers, and members of his own office and the county Trustee's Office. (I'd include more but he didn't note the occupations for his contributors.)
Balance on hand: $52,693.40
Total outstanding loans: $5,850

Property Assessor candidate John Whitehead: Whitehead, the former property assessor who also worked in the office for about 30 years, raised raised almost $14,600 this filing period and spent more than $15,900 on printing, advertisements and donations to a number of political and charitable organizations. Most of Whitehead's supporters were either retired, in the real estate business or didn't list an occupation. He did receive some scratch from former Law Director John Ownings.
Balance on hand: $27,104.63

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Brian Paone said...

Campaign finance disclosures are always fun to read. One time JJ got a grand from a titty bar owner for his campaign. That's the funniest contribution I've seen so far.

Even funner would be a GLBT group donating to RHS.