Monday, February 27, 2012

DA to commish: Table Baumgartner plan

Apparently, the good attorney general isn't too keen on that resolution the County Commission unanimously approved during last week's work session.

You know, the one that asks Big Bill and some of the boys (and ladies) in the state Legislature to request from the TBI for a copy of the unreleased Judge Richard "da Creeper" Baumgartner file.

Click right smack here for the initial story I wrote about the resolution.

The commission this afternoon was set to rubber stamp this thing, but Chairman Mike Hammond said Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols asked him to hold off.

In a letter, written by Nichols to Hammond today, the DA said his office had something similar cooking and he didn't need the commission meddling in it. (Actually those are more my words than his.)

Anyhoo, you can read the letter by clicking right smack here.

Hammond said Nichols has 30 days or the commission is bringing back the resolution.

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