Thursday, February 23, 2012

A look at recent Trustee's Office raises

Over here at Screams from da Porch we like to chase down rumors, and unlike some people, we don't get it wrong. Heh.

Sooooo, got a tip that our good Trustee John Duncan III said gave a bunch of his employees raises that far exceeded the 3 percent standard that the other officials were handing out this year. I was also told that the good folks who received bigger bumps are also the same people who got those interest free loans for not completing their government-related courses.

The Trustee's Office has (at least) 45 people on payroll, according to county finance records. (Now, I know they'll say there's fewer than that, but if you make $21,675 for part-time/seasonal work then you're included on my list.)

Of those folks, 29 people got a 3 percent raise. (A few of them actually got 2.93 percent and one got a 2.85 percent, but who's counting?)

Another person nabbed a .8 percent bump. (Man, that Duncan is a bigger cheapskate than county Mayor Tim Burchett.)

Also, three people received 5.72 percent raises. Finance records indicate that they've been promoted to “bookkeepers.”

And, one fella got a 6.6 percent raise. The office told me that the guy's supervisor “strongly recommended his increase based on performance.” (And no, this wasn't the guy who supposedly took the tests for the crew that never finished those courses. Heh.)

Finally, one worker got a nice chunk of folding paper – a 15.42 percent bump. Finance records indicate that he was promoted to deputy trustee. He now makes $61K in coin. He did receive CTAS incentive pay money, but he is certified under the program.

However, no one who received more than a 3 percent raise were among the crew who also got bonus payments for the CTAS courses that were never completed.

So, there you have it. (And no, Duncan did not give himself a raise.)

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Brian Paone said...

You know people are just going to turn on you now that you're actually following up on all of this stuff and publicly decrying it, right?

Great shot at Politi"Fact", though. Haven't been happy with their attempts in Tennessee. For a factchecker, they use a lot of hyperbole.