Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HR director, law director and those files

Apparently local TV has just wet itself over the county's HR director downloading her personal - not personnel - files. (Actually, she didn't even download them.) I'm not going to link it. I'm sure they'll update soon. Anyhoo, here's the real story so far:

Knox County Law Director Joe Jarret today took a disc full of information that county Human Resources Director Frances Fogerson had asked to be downloaded from her personal files.

Fogerson, who has served as the HR director for almost a decade and who will retire Friday, told the News Sentinel today that the disc contained “dozens of files” but they were all “frivolous.”

“There are some recipes on there and a set of menus from when we had a weight loss challenge,” she said.

Fogerson said that on Tuesday she asked county IT Director Dick Moran about what she should do with some of her personal files. Fogerson said she had some instructions that she put together for her successors and wanted to keep the information handy in case they needed help once she left.

Moran, she said, downloaded the files for her.

Jarret said Moran told him about the disc, so later Tuesday the law director called Fogerson to let her know that he needed the disc back.

“I need to see what’s on there,” he said. “(If she’s telling the truth), then it’s innocuous. But I want to make sure there is no sensitive information on there, or information that is not public record. When I called her, she immediately agreed to return the disc. She didn’t put up a fight. She said ‘OK,’ and I’ve got it now.”

Jarret said he would look over the information today.

Fogerson, whose last day is Friday, said no personnel files were on the disc.

“The way personnel files are stored, I couldn’t remove them anyway,” she said, adding that she didn’t do anything wrong.


One of the Observers said...

To see the hatchet job against Frances Fogerson, go to To see a much more realistic (and less sensationalized) version, go to Probably initiated and orchestrated by a disgruntled employee in her who didn't get the job she was vacating. Disgusting!

One of the Observers said...

She was trying to transfer materials to her successors that would be very helpful to them in doing their jobs. No nefarious doings here...just a retiring employee trying to give her replacements the information they need to effectively do the job. But I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Brian Paone said...

I'm sure this'll give her a good laugh on the way out.

Thanks for your exemplary service, Dr. Fogerson. I'm not sure how you managed to do your job so well in that nuthouse, but you did and Knox County is appreciative.

None moreso than WATE, which appears increasingly desperate for viewership these days. Perhaps they should just give Greg Lambert a weekly spot and be done with it...

Mike Donila said...

Dr. Fogerson has always been a class act. We actually felt compelled to write something after the wate report. Sadly there are some misplaced agendas in the city county building that have to drag her in. Also the tv report, although now updated, still makes her look like she intentionally did something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Donila- you're mistaken on Fogerson being classy. Unless integrity is excluded from your definition of classy. I have heard time and time again of her spinning situations and complaints brought to her by county employees to protect the county - even if that meant she villainized the employee.

Word has it this last week she has been doing virtually nothing and has been letting her lips run wild on HR issues she is working and publicly bad mouthing employees in the city county building.. yeah- that's classy alright.

Don't be surprised if Jarrett finds some documentation on issues she buried but wants to keep records of as a means of covering herself. She of all people knows certain employment law violations can lead to individual prosecution. Sins of omission and sins none the less.

Brian Paone said...

I love hearing someone decry the integrity and accountability of another person... while hiding behind a pseudonym online and tossing around baseless speculation and innuendo.

Awesome job, "Andrew". Except for the part about leaving out the facts to back up some rather silly claims.

Anonymous said...

"Awesome job, "Andrew". Except for the part about leaving out the facts to back up some rather silly claims."

Guess you told me.

Brian Paone said...

No, but I could if you really wanted me to. :-)