Friday, February 12, 2016

Property assessor candidate claims degree from UT but school says no

Knox County property assessor candidate Andrew Graybeal says he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Tennessee, but the college has no record that he ever took a class there.

In addition, UT officials say the university does not accept transferred credits from a technical college Graybeal says he attended.

“We searched for Andrew Graybeal . . . and could find nothing,” Amy Blakely, a spokesperson for the University of Tennessee, told 10News Thursday morning. “We’re happy to keep checking but we’ve checked everything we could think of at this point.”

Blakely said two people in her office performed a number of searches for various spellings for Graybeal’s name.

When asked bluntly by a WBIR reporter whether he earned a degree in engineering from UT, he said: “I graduated from ITT University with a degree in engineering and those credits were transferred over to UT.”

He said this occurred in 1993. He said he was at UT for two years but couldn’t recall what classes he took.

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