Monday, February 8, 2016

Williams seeking GOP delegate seat

From Susan Williams: As you know, the Tennessee primary for selecting the Republican nominee for President of the US is on March 1 and early voting begins this week, Feb. 10.

It is a long ballot with the presidential candidates all listed first and then the delegates who are running for the candidates are listed below those names, beginning with the delegates running statewide first and following those names you will find the names of folks running in the Second Congressional district as delegates.

I am one of those! Since I am running as a delegate committed to Jeb Bush, I think my name is fourth under the Second Congressional District list.

The really interesting thing is that you don't have to vote for Jeb Bush (even though I would like you too) to vote for me as a delegate.

You can vote for Kasich or Trump or Rubio or anyone who's still standing on March 1 and still vote for me for delegate.

I would greatly appreciate it! I've been to 7 Conventions and feel very qualified to represent Tennessee well. Thanks for your help!

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