Friday, September 16, 2011

Commissioners to talk about talking

Looked through the county commission's work session agenda for Monday. Glad there's nothing about homelessness and hillside/ridgetop. I might get out of there by midnight.

Anyhoo, the Carter Elementary issue is obviously back. This will probably be the meeting where we all find out specifically where everyone stands. Well, until the following week when some folks stick their finger in the political wind and change their minds.

The board also will talk about whether to reimburse former Sheriff Tim Hutchison's law firm for its legal bills.

And we got another interesting little gem: Commissioners will talk about how much they talk.

Chairman Mike Hammond was telling me the other day that the board doesn't exactly follow Robert's Rules of Order. (If you don't know what it is, then Google it. Heh.) Apparently, when commissioners are talking about an issue, they only get one go-around. At times. Not always. Sometimes. Whatever.

Hammond, though, lets everyone talk for as long as they want and as often. So long as they get in line. I'm talking about commissioners here - not the public. The public talks too much, anyway. Heh.

Soooo, Commissioner Mike Brown asked the top dog about it, saying maybe he should limit the amount commissioners yap. Pot calling the kettle black and all. And Hammond acquiesced.

Still, the chairman pointed out that a commissioner might later have a "good question" and - if Brown has his way - they won't be able to ask it.

I'm betting nothing changes.

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