Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hutchison legal bills tabled; more appeals

Herbert S. Moncier just won't quit.

Not that, that is necessarily a bad thing.

But in this case, I think it might be time to throw it in. Because Knox County taxpayers could be looking at a bigger bill. Or maybe not. He could win.

Yeah, I know. What am I talking about? Rambling here.

OK, in August the legal team for Tim Hutchison asked the county commission to reimburse it $134,000 for (so far) successfully defending the long-time Knox County sheriff against a number of ouster lawsuits.

All which were filed by Moncier on behalf of residents. Heh. Really, this was Herb filing these bad boys on behalf of himself. Cause he doesn't have much love for the old sheriff. And vice versa.

Anyhoo, the commission tabled the request in late August. Then yesterday tabled it again.

Apparently, Moncier is trying to appeal what the court's already dismissed, but - just in case - county Law Director Joe Jarret asked officials to hold off until the October meeting when he expects the courts to wrap up everything.

In the meantime, if Herb doesn't win, figure that the law firm will tack defending this appeal onto its final bill.

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