Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IDB approves Carter school negotiations

To the surprise of no one, the Industrial Development Board voted today to let the county enter into formal negotiations with Partners Development, which hopefully for them doesn't have any connections to Big Bill that - you know - could maybe cause them to pull out.

or not.

(Like maybe the last developer did.)

Er, just saying.

Oddly enough, the spin release - issue by Michael "Low" Grider - was titled: "Plan to build new school on schedule."

I'm thinking it should have been more like: "Plan to build new school inches closer to getting shot down by school board later on next month."

Or, whatever.


Anonymous said...

Kincanon is against it now. A lot of backlash is growing along with the price of the building. Remember Mr. Loy said it could be built for like 5 million or something and now it is realistically pushing $20 million. Also, look for the L & R argument to be in play HARD. The discussion is'wait L and R is the oldest building and the renovation was amazing and did not cost 20 million.' L and R reno kills the need new skewl argument.
This matter on school board is done,

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, old tired hippies think they can rule the world. Get a job.