Thursday, September 1, 2011

County's spin on mayor's first year

Michael Low-Grider, the county administration's spin doc, sent out the following news release, championing his boss's good deeds: Click right smack here if you want to read.

A couple things jumped out.

The county says it will reduce the debt by $20 million, but as I recall some of that is set to fall off.

There was no mention of the fee office mess. And, hey, they did reach a compromise.

The administration is still trying to fool everyone into thinking that there's no such thing as a p-card because it changed the name.

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Anonymous said...

Major disappointment in Burchette falling for the Devon Group sham to help the Haslam's get the money back that they are owed by Talbot and Raja and on the back of the taxpayer's dime at that. It worked pretty well for the governor in that Cullom got a windfall for a piece of property he bought out of a foreclosure from Regions (Bolze, Belle Isle, river condos across from the stadium, Northshore Town Centre, etc.).

Everybody in town that the banks won't touch owe the Haslam family and it is incumbent on Burchette to ferret out these things to save the taxpayers from bailing out a bunch of poobahs who have crashed and burned in the recession.