Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on Carter; Sandy Loy's letter

I talked to Emperor Dean Rice yesterday and he said the administration is on track with its plans to have the No. 2 developer building the Carter community a new elementary school.

That is, if the county commission and school board go along with it.

There's been some talk around the Deathstar about whether the county needs the board of education's approval. Regardless of whether it does, it's just plain smart to get it. At any time, the school board could renege the go-ahead it gave the county last month if the right members decide to bring the issue up for vote again.

You know, the whole parliamentary procedure thing.

Anyhoo, in the meantime, local developer Sandy Loy this morning sent the administration an email that pretty much takes a shot at everyone. (It was addressed to emperor Dean.) Along with the email, he had some fancy attachments (those are the underlined things you can click on. Heh.).

Here's his note:


Attached is a PDF of a newsletter from the CMAA explaining the CM types which seem to be constantly confused by people with an interest for the topic to stay confusing.

I hope you will read it and keep it for reference.

I don't know the status of the Carter deal but I think the attempt to take the Devon design to Partners as second bidder is a mistake. I think you have opened the door for the BOE to take another look at it and it will get killed.

Maybe I'm wrong, in any regard I hope that the day will come when Tim steps up and actually does something to start saving the County money while building schools. Spending 13mm for an elementary school is not a good start no matter who builds it.

I talked to Cindy Buttry at length this week and she is still being lied to by Dillingham and McIntyre about the schools I built and their respective costs. They keep telling the BOE "That Paulette school in Union Co. isn't up to Knox Co Standards", and it isn't, BUT I DIDN'T BUILD THAT SCHOOL! They don't mention the Claiborne Co. High Schools which they toured and admitted were indeed equivalent or superior to Knox Co Standards.

So when they start this with you and Tim make sure you call them out on it, Union Co CHEAP, Claiborne Co INEXPENSIVE BUT COMPARABLE IN DESIGN AND QUALITY.

Also note the Sweetwater Primary data sheet which I built for 660 kids for 7.6mm!

I am also attaching a letter from the Director of Schools in Claiborne Co stating his opinion as well as a project sheet with pics.


Sanford C. Loy, CCM
Construction Plus Inc.


Rikki Hall said...

Tonight President Obama announced that the American Jobs Act contains funding for more than 3,000 new schools to be built. If the bill passes and a bit of that money can be steered to Knox Co, Burchett won't need to auction off more properties and could even put the city's buyout of the Young-Williams mortgage toward the principal so as to avoid increasing the county's debts.

Anonymous said...

Burchett taking $$ from Obama? Yeah, right. Although it might be funny to hear him explain why he won't.

Brian Hornback said...

Real easy, Obama ain't from around here!

Mike Donila said...

I talked to Dean Rice about it today and he didn't seem to have a problem accepting the money as long as "there weren't any strings attached."

Anonymous said...

Oh, so Federal stimulus $$$ is ok as long as it gets spent here.

As SKB would say, ok then.