Sunday, September 25, 2011

Follow election results on your phone

The Knox County Election Commission won't provide phone apps this year to catch the unofficial results as they come in Tuesday night, but they will make it somewhat easy if you want to use your phone to watch the show.

I can't remember why they won't use apps. Second-in-command Scott Frith explained it to me but I really wasn't listening. Something about a screw-up or confusion last time they used them. Can't recall. I might be wrong. Whatever.

Anyhoo, if you have a phone or pad produced by Apple (I refuse to acknowledge such inferior devices by their names), a kick-ass Droid or a lame Blackberry, then log on to or by clicking right smack here, and then find the link to whatever device you're going to use.

It will look a lot nicer if you do, since the results will be formatted for the specific mobile device and show the results customized for it.

For those of you still living in the early 2000s who don't have a real cell phone – and you do have a computer with Internet connection – you can also go to the Web site and just watch the scores scroll down the screen.

Also, according to a news release, After all precincts have reported, the Election Commission will also provide an online “Election Analysis Tool” after all the precincts have reported. This will provide unofficial election results sorted by precinct or candidate name. This analysis tool will be available at

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