Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hammond back as commission chairman

The Knox County Commission a few minutes ago reappointed Mike Hammond and Brad Anders to serve as chairman and vice chairman, respectively.

Each of their one-year terms expired on Wednesday.

They both were approved 10-0. Commissioner Amy Broyles didn’t get to the meeting until after the vote.

Commissioner Richard Briggs initially nominated Anders for the chair spot and even voted for him, but changed his mind for the final tally was made official.

In addition, Commissioner Tony Norman nominated Dave Wright for the vice chair spot, but Wright turned it down, so Anders - who Sam McKenzie nominated - automatically got the spot.


Brian Hornback said...

Why does Amy Broyles continue to miss votes? She gets paid the same salary as every other Commisssioner plus she gets mega health insurance coverage. enough with her AWOL status

Anonymous said...

Chairman Hammond, can you put a sock in Amy's mouth and make her follow the Commission rules? The meetings could be half as long if you will enforce the rules. We get it the first time Amy says whatever, we don't need to hear it four more times.

Much appreciated.