Friday, April 6, 2012

Commish Shouse feeling a little better

My boy Ed Shouse, left, has been taken out of critical care and back on the road (knock on wood) to recovery. His life, Lisa, left a message with me last night, saying that doctors took the good county commissioner out of critical care on Wednesday, but on Thursday he needed a chest tube because his left lung had been collecting fluid.

The right lung is OK.

His wife said they should be able to (knock on wood again) get that one drained and he'll be feeling a lot better.

So, the family is asking folks to keep Ed in their prayers. You should. He's a pretty good guy.

Click right smack here for the initial story about Ed's battle with pneumonia.

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Brian Hornback said...

Commish Ed is indeed one of the good guys. Certainly thankful he is on the mend. I would hate to think the worst happen. I have been praying for him and his wife and son.