Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KTSC duties possibly up for bid next week

The county's administration next week could officially start the bidding process for the duties currently performed by the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp. All of this, of course, was initiated after a member of the KTSC board said Mayor Tim Burchett bullied them into ending their contract early. (The mayor since then has publicly referred to the gentleman as “the big dog.” I'm not kidding.)

Anyhoo, county Purchasing Director Hugh Holt, who by default of his job with the county, has somehow found himself caught in the middle of this pending S-storm in which no one will win. In the meantime, though, he said he's talked to a number of organizations with such fancy acronyms as CVB and DMO and POS and HEH in an effort to put together a document with its own fancy acronym: RFI.

The RFI (henceforth known as a Request for Information) should be complete sometime next week. Holt said he's sought input from a number of outlets engaged in the convention, tourism and marketing something or others and he's “trying to attack it from as many points as possible.”

He also plans to get some input from KTSC – which will also bid on the proposal if necessary – later this week.

Here's the original story right smack here.

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