Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopper sings its support for schools

Ho, ho, ha. If you missed it, then – and whenever it’s up – you have to check out the oddness that happened at today’s County Commission meeting, courtesy of the Halls-Shopper.

(Disclaimer: Scripps, which owns KNS, which I work for, owns the Halls-Shopper.  Now back to our regularly scheduled entry . . . .)

Anyhoo, the a bunch of folks bombarded the commission as they championed (my editor hates that word) Superintendent Jim McIntyre’s multi-zillion dollar school budgetary proposal. At this point, everyone knows the county mayor, El Cheap-Skate-O Tim Burchet,t isn’t going to part ways with the coin (he’d rather pay off debt) and he hasn’t found enough treasure out there metal detecting, so . . .  folks are now headed to the commission to argue their point.

And that apparently means the Shopper-News, too.

(Oh yeah, here’s the story about the meeting, right smack here, before I forget. And by tomorrow, you can probably find the video right smack here.)

Jake Mabe, the features editor, writer, columnist, was at the podium, talking to commissioners and saying something that I really wasn’t paying attention to. Because, at the same time, Editor Sandra Clark was carrying around a bucket that looked like it had some kind of Indian (should I say "Native-American" or are still allowed to call ‘em Indians) headdress in it.

Lot of feathers and stuff sticking out.

So, she starts handing them out to commissioners (I’m guilty of snagging one just cause I like feathers). 

As she’s doing that, Jake starts singing the chorus from John Denver’s “Grandma’s Feather Bed.”

No kidding. Funny stuff.

I told him he had a pair of brass ones.

Commissioner Chairman Mike Hammond, however, told him not to quit his day job.


In the meantime, you can find the Shopper's explanation over on its Facebook page, right smack here.


Jake Mabe said...

Mr. Hammond is probably right. Heh, heh. It was a great line.

Brian Paone said...

Actually, Jack Mabe probably SHOULD quit his day job. No news organization should ever behave in such a fashion.

Then again, I doubt anyone can accuse the Shopper of ever putting out anything news-related, so maybe he shouldn't.

Great infotainment bit, Mabe. Hearst would be proud.

Jake Mabe said...

Thank you for your comments and for your criticism, Mr. Paone. They are indeed appreciated.

All my best,


Brian Paone said...

Appreciation means very little. What I want to know is why you think what you did was proper given your position and responsibilities.

And, if you could, kindly deliver that explanation without the feathers and singing, please. If I want a show I'll head to Dixie Stampede.

Lord Von Lord said...

Raising taxes during lean times should be a solemn endeavor. The display was pathetic and insensitive. Lots of people can't afford a tax increase and you guys act like its a circus. Way to sell your point to people losing sleep at night over their bills.