Monday, April 2, 2012

Rogero proposes five pension alternatives

Looks like Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero is serious about this pension stuff. But she has to be, considering Gov. Big Bill who held her seat for almost eight years turned a blind eye to it the whole time.

Then, as an afterthought just as he was heading to Nashville to hang with the beautiful people, thought it might just be a good thing to let folks know how bad the situation is.

Anyhoo, this morning, the Rogero administration's zillion-dollar-a-year spin team issued a release that you can find right smack here.

In it, she outlines five alternative plans for future employees (you can't do anything to the people on the plan now or the retirees). She wants the City Council to begin talking about this at its workshop next Monday.

You can find links to the proposals right smack here.

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Brian Paone said...

And YOU can find a link to video of the in-depth, complex process that will be used to select which option is used:

You're welcome.