Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dirty lots, spin, sin and typical ramblings

Couple things.

You folks see what happened on the emperor's property? Man, that sucks. And, yeah, the Web site disabled the comment section so the peanut gallery can't weigh in. Too bad. Because, you know, so much freakin' wisdom gets espoused during the riveting conversation over there and now we're deprived of it.

The latest edition of Spin County, or as Michel “Big Sexy” Grider likes to call it - “Knox Happenings” - is out. You can find it right smack here. County Mayor Tim Burchett talks briefly about the budget and reflects a little bit on outgoing finance minister John Troyer.

Banned AGAIN from the KNS peanut gallery/comment section, Brian Paone has said the heck with it and is back to reporting. You can find the latest satire right smack here. (Other links are at the bottom.) Some funny stuff.

Madame Mayor Mad Madeline (I just like saying that) and her posse will participate in a “codes enforcement neighborhood sweep” tomorrow, according to the city's zillion dollar public affairs department, which still costs less than the school system's zillion dollar public affairs department (as opposed to the county's ten cent office). I'm not holding my breath on this whole enforcement thing. Former KNS reporter Rebecca Ferrar wrote a whole series about "dirty lots" back in 2010.

Crap like this costs money. But it sure looks good for the TV stations. You know, going around and fighting the good fight. Whatever. They should just bulldoze the crap and dare someone to sue them. Heh.

I'm sure I'll find some other crap to ramble about later.

As always . . .


Brian Paone said...

Wait. Rice is emperor now? That guy's got more titles than I have cease-and-desist letters.

Mike Donila said...

naw, he's always been the emperor.

Brian Paone said...

Duly noted.