Monday, April 16, 2012

When there is smoke, the mayors weigh in

Photo by Dan "da Man" Andrews

Apparently, there's a fire going on or was going on or whatever. I don't know. I don't pay attention to this stuff. I know that there's a ton of smoke around the Metal Shed and it smells like (insert whatever expletive you feel necessary here), so I'm over at the Deathstar waiting on a pension board meeting that TV will no doubt bother to attend. Heh.

Anyhoo, here's a story about the smoke or whatever right smack here.

In addition and in their infinite wisdom the two mayor's - County Tim and City Madeline - figured they needed to weigh in, so they got the city's overpaid PR department (which is still paid less than the school system's waaaaaay overpaid PR department) to work with the county's underpaid PR department and the two sides sent out a spin release.

You can find that bad boy right smack here.

Note that somehow Michael "Big Sexy" Grider managed to get the county mayor's name in first on the spin job. Heh.

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