Monday, April 23, 2012

Commish briefly talks about homelessness

During today's luncheon, the good folks at Compassion Knoxville finally got around to meeting with the Knox County Commission – about eight months after the body released its report on the homelessness.

Coincidence that the commission in less than two weeks will get a hold of county Mayor Tim Burchett’s proposed budget? Heh.

I mean, seriously, it took long enough to get together and go over it. Anyhoo, there was really nothing new out of the talks. The commissioners appear to like the recommendations, but – according to Chairman Mike Hammond – there really isn’t a next step.

He said the commission will take a wait and see approach in regards to what the Burchett proposes.

I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a long wait as the mayor told me earlier today that the county already provides $5 million in indigent care, mostly through the health department, and he’s not chipping in any more than that.

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