Monday, October 29, 2012

Burchett talks cash mobs with Time

Check it out: Time Magazine quoted Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett in a two-page story (with fancy graphics) about the cash mob “ bona fide social phenomena.”

Click right smack here for a pdf copy of the article that Screams from da Porch is bootleggin' cause we didn't want to pay it.

(Little inside baseball: County Emperor Dean Rice told the mayor – when he first proposed the idea – that it was stupid. Burchett reminds him of it all the time. Heh.)

Knox County Mayor and Cash Mob Organizer Tim Buchett, right, at the county's first cash mob in February at Emery's 5 and 10. The event drew 700 to 800 people. (Photo by Jon Gustin)

Anyhoo, Time says cash mobs are a “perfectly timed tonic for a sour economic moment.”

Burchett, in the article, says: “People are struggling all over the country. This is an opportunity for everybody to join hands.”

The story also notes some history and rules for cash mobs.

The county's next cash mob is Nov. 8 at New Harvest Park Farmer's Market.

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