Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ethics applicants get second shot

Well, well, we got us a little debate going on over at the hippie's site. Apparently, an applicant for the county's ethics committee isn't happy with the selection. Yesterday, I blogged about some other upset folks.

Anyhoo, what's done is done. The membership has been set. On Monday, though, the Knox County Commission will fill the third and final open slot. This is a partial term for someone who has moved (I think).

I should note that there has been some confusion. The ethics committee had two slots to fill on its panel. A lot of folks, including myself, were under the impression that the board just had that one. Well, no. The one spot is a commission appointment.

So, now that we have all that covered, I was messing around on the county's website this morning and found the resumes to the ethics committee applicants. I think it's pretty much the same folks who went before the ethics people yesterday. Means they get a second shot.

Here they are, right smack here.

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