Sunday, October 21, 2012

Commission meeting agendas released

Absolutely hate the fourth Mondays of the month. Pension board (which almost everyone in the media but me ignores – good job television), commission luncheon, commission meeting, whatever.

Anyhoo, the Knox County Commission will continue its monthly luncheons. There was some thought that once Tony Norman took over as chair they would stop. His predecessor, Mike Hammond, paid for the lunches (commissioners ate well) and they got pretty pricey. So, don't blame Norman for not wanting to foot the bill. (He even joked that if they continued they'd all be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.) However, commission members all agreed to each pay for one lunch, so it works out.

Here's tomorrow's luncheon agenda. No, you can't have any of the food.

Additionally, here's the commission's voting meeting agenda

I'm not telling you what's on there. You get to read it yourself. Heh.

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Brian Hornback said...

Wait! There are11 commissioners and 12 months per year! Is this the Tony Norman fuzzy math? Will Norman just forgo the 12th lunch.